Need a large Christmas tree to display for the children at my job
I am a photography enthusiast (not a professional) just searching for old film cameras, film, or accessories. If you have any you don t want, I would love to use them.
Looking for old hand tools of any kind, also Woodworking, lawn and garden, mechanic tools etc... broken handles and rust are ok. I appreciate any help!
19-Oct-2018Buford, GA+11 milesItems Wanted
I'm currently homeless have a small tent I've managed to get for myself but don't have any thing to rest with except a few clothes and a thin travel hammock, now that it's starting to get cold I'm just looking to get some blankets or pillows or a sleeping bag, i don't have a car and have to walk everywhere so I'd anyone is in cumming and could meet me near the Walmart and Lowe's shopping center...
My daughter wants a very old school typewriter. Definitely needs it to be working.
Blinds for childrens room,
big or little vacuum that cleans with the solution cleaner.
Looking for a dog crate, any size. For a puppy--not sure how big she will get. Thanks!
I have already made several quilts for my children and grandchildren all by hand. I heard about a long arm quilting machine that would make things go a lot smoother. If you have one that is collecting dust, I would love to put it to good use. Doesn't matter how old or what shape it is in, my husband can fix anything. Thank you!
Looking for medium sized 5 drawer dressers for girls room
Just very recently I had been released from Kennestone because I had a malignant tumor removed from my neck. Well during this time. Everything except some clothes & pictures were stolen.cookware, every piece of furniture & lamps, tables, kitchen items. We are all sleeping on the floor. Pots, pans etc needed as well.Thank you everyone
Hi, I'm a local DJ in the area and I'm in need of a 1 terrabite external hard drive to load karaoke music. I don't care about condition, as long as it works and is compatible with Windows PC.
Looking for small bookshelf / bookcase to put in therapy office. Ideal size is 2-3 feet wide and 2 - 4 feet tall (a low bookshelf that is easily accessible from a sitting position). Thanks!
Looking for stationary bikes for special needs math class. These will have a desk added to them so kids who have a hard time sitting still can pedal and do their work!
Looking for gaming rocker chairs for special needs math class so kids who have a hard time sitting still can have alternate places to sit and do their work!
Am I a fool for even asking this? I was in a car crash and have been stuck in bed for an extended period of time. All my money has gone to medical expenses. I am not looking for anything fancy; just for something as clich as it is to say, that will get me from Point A to Point B. Just something that isn t falling apart and needs to be taken in for maintenance all the time and is aesthetically p...
Looking for a Queen sized air mattress. Preferably from a pet free home because of allergies. TIA.
If you are getting rid of a dresser, please let us know. We can fix minor damages. Thanks. Will pick up.
12-Oct-2018Buford, GA+11 milesItems Wanted
Need a practice drum set will come and take off your hands. Thanks so much!
12-Oct-2018Buford, GA+11 milesItems Wanted
We are moving to Buford and would like a small table and 4 chairs for our breakfast area if anyone has a set they would like to find a home for. Thanks
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