New, never worn, in a box. Cash and local pickup only. MSRP $155 on Hunter website:
-All Shirts are size medium 8 -Shorts are also size 8 -9 shirts and 1 pair of shorts in total
-Both are size 12 -Both are adjustable -The pair that s in a separate picture needs the zipper fixed. They re included at no cost.
-All Shirts are Old Navy Brand -All Shirts say size small 6/7 -Shorts are also Old Navy Brand size 7 -12 shirts and 1 pair of shorts in total -Excellent condition!
- All say XL 14/16 - 3 shirts in total - The 2 shirts on the right are dry fit material
- 3 shirts - 3 tank tops - All are size 6 - 2 skirts - 1 outfit with tank top and shorts - 2 play shirts are on a separate picture and are included and no charge.
Size: 7 Color: Taupe Material: Condition: New Brand:
Size: 7 Color: Brown Material: Condition: New Brand:
Bag of women s clothes. pants & shorts range from size 5-8 and shirts & tanks are small and medium.